"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." - Henry David Thoreau

About One Earth Farm

One Earth Farm is born of a lifelong belief that agriculture is a marriage of man and nature rather than a rift between them.  This belief, coupled with our passion for good food and our intrinsic need for harmony and beauty, has shaped our every decision here at the farm.  When we purchased the farm, its soils had long suffered under the plowshares and monoculture of our time, and its crumbling buildings and sagging fences epitomized the fate suffered by so many diversified family farms in America.   Its back was broken, but its spirit was not.  Indeed, the old farmstead seemed as ripe for a change as we were for an adventure - and so began this journey of self discovery that we now call One Earth Farm.

Now we call the rolling farm land and hardwood bluffs of Maiden Rock Wisconsin home - about an hour’s drive from our former home in Minneapolis Minnesota.  It was the gentle southern slopes and beautiful two story dairy barn that first caught our eye and have since made this the perfect home for us.  From the first shovel full of dirt turned and from the first nail pounded the old farmstead has seemed as jubilant and welcoming to our presence as have been the wonderful people of the area.  Its soils have responded quickly to our no-till permaculture approach to gardening - and indeed its roofs and fences have been downright competitive for our constant attention.

Our vegetables are grown in deep mulch raised beds that utilize fungi and microbes to nourish and build the soil.  Visitors to our gardens often remark at the size and vigor of the plants therein – wondering why the celery is three feet high or why the squash plants have not long since withered as have theirs.  So too they seem surprised by the brilliant colors of cauliflower or the myriad hues and shapes of tomatoes and potatoes with which every bed is packed.  But it’s when they sneak a taste of the irresistible yellow and purple sugar snap peas being developed here at the farm that they get their first real taste of what we are truly all about.     

Our animals are raised on open pastures with a gentle hand and a watchful eye.  While they each fill a specific niche here at the farm, they have all been chosen for their low impact on the environment and their huge contribution to humanity. It is rare that a guest to the farm does not remark at the beauty of our livestock and while we unashamedly and unreservedly admit to the part beauty has played in our livestock choices, it is by far not the last word in their value.


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All of our livestock are selected for their adaptability to our harsh climate, as well as for their utilitarian attributes and their suitability to our integrated system of management. The buff laced brahmas developed here are without question the crown jewel of our poultry flock. Indeed, they are such a delight to the eye that they take the drudgery out of morning chores.  Yet, despite their ornamental leanings they thrive in our harsh climate, fend for much of their own food, are productive layers in their own right, and dress out better than most heritage breeds in this day and age.  It’s this sort of synergy for which we strive in all our endeavors.

We do not expect to change modern mechanized agriculture or influence the throng of disconnected urbanites, but we do hope to be a signpost pointing the way towards a more balanced life and a healthier planet for those inclined to glance in our direction.  And despite our lofty goals and dogged determination, our primary intent here at One Earth Farm is simply to lead rich, fulfilling, healthy lives ourselves and have loads of fun in the process.  We hope you will join us.

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