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Hamburg Bantams


Hamburg bantams are a miniaturized version of the famous large fowl that has been kept for centuries for both its beauty and its egg laying abilities. As a boy my great aunt had what was to me a magical flock of gold and yellow spangled bantams that roosted in an old dogwood tree behind her garage. From where this flock came and to where it went I can only guess, but what it inspired lives on in the birds you see here on this page: the Gold and citron spangled hamburg bantams of One Earth Farm.

We developed both the gold spangled and the citron spangled hamburg bantams here at the farm from crosses involving two lines of silver spangled hamburg bantams and two lines of gold penciled hamburg bantams. Many have claimed that achieving a clearly spangled tail on a gold bird was impossible, but as the pictures on these pages attest that is not the case. Both our citron spangled and gold spangled hamburg bantam hens have well marked tails and with each generation the roosters inch ever nearer to joining them.

These varieties present a much greater challenge to the breeder than the well established silver spangled variety. The greatest struggle lies in selecting for a nice deep and even distribution of pheomelanin (gold pigment) throughout each and every feathe,r while restricting melanin (the black pigment) to a clearly marked spangle at the tip of the feather.

The citron spangled hamburg bantams are a favorite to all who visit the farm. “I like the little yellow ones with the black polka dots” is perhaps the most common remark we hear from guests here at One Earth Farm. Much like their larger counterparts, these friendly little guys are egg laying machines. And like all of our chickens, these pint sized beauties, with their neat rose combs and sprightly natures are well suited to Midwestern winters and the free-range lifestyle. But be warned, a lot of brains comes in this fancily dressed package. So don’t be fooled when they hop up on the feed scoop as if their crop isn’t already filled with worms and grass - never mind if you glimpse a hen in the hay loft where she is guaranteed to have stolen away her nest. This variety typifies all that is wonderful about hamburgs and bantams alike. Every customer that has chosen this variety has been elated – and with good reason. My aunt Lizzy, knew a good thing when she saw it.

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