Welcome to One Earth Farm


Here at One Earth Farm we are charting a new course for the diversified family farm. We have stepped outside the American mainstay to explore healthier approaches to living – for both us and the planet. Ours is a journey; an ongoing quest for continually better food, for more beautiful spaces, for healthier soil, and for happier livestock. What we are discovering is conscious living, and it is our goal to enrich other’s lives with our livestock, our produce, or even these pages.

"When I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." - Buckminster Fuller

Much of the livestock we raise here at One Earth Farm is unique to our farm. The first thing visitors to the farm notice is a herd of pure white llamas – a herd quite unlike any other in North America. It is the very heart of One Earth Farm. Our poultry are famous for their beauty and rarity, but it is of their hardiness and productivity that we are most proud. They represent years of dedication and hard work. Their contribution to the homestead and our lives is immeasurable. Our gardens are always over-packed with vibrant organically grown vegetables, and our young orchard is just on the cusp of providing us with a bounty of cherries and apples.

So bookmark this page for a future leisurely morning read when you can just sit back with a cup of coffee and ignore the daily headlines. Take some time to dream, to shop for poultry, learn about our famous llama herd, or just look at pictures. Discover what we are all about and drop us a line if you’d like to place an order for poultry or inquire about a llama. This farm keeps us busy in ways we had never imagined were possible, but it is always a joy to sit down at the end of the day and hear from others who share our passion.

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